Pair virtual FACEs, with real amateurs

Amateur porn is the future, but many girls don't want their faces permanently on the internet.

State of the Art AI

These faces don't exist. But these girls could be anyone.

Own a FACE as we build our adult video platform for real amateurs. Videos will be anonymized with FACEs that belongs to the community.

A picture of 15,000 FACEs

Our pretrained neural network will generate 15,000 unique virtual faces. Each face will have it's latent variables published on IPFS (the source code of the face, so to speak).

Rarity in beauty - HB6, 7, 8, 9!

Just like the real life data it's based on. FACEs have varying levels of rarity depending on algorithmic beauty. Based on the real life distribution of beauty, the most beautiful FACEs are also the rarest.

Fully Automated

A quick demo of the results of our neural networks. This is not handcrafted, and it's not cherry picked.


Actresses already signed up


We have a scouting network in asia, already experienced in over 3 countries

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